What Floats Your Boat? A Look at Florida Boat Insurance

Where To Go Before You Row

There are just about as many boat insurance companies out there as raindrops in the sea. Below are three of those companies that provide insurance for the sailor in all of us.


The site Floridainsurancequotes.net offers an insurance program with many attractive features. The site offers five different policies and a deductible program to match your needs

  • Yacht– covers boat, motor and gear on most boats, with the exception of Personal Watercraft.
  • Boat Saver – provides basic actual cash value protection. This policy generally has a lower premium
  • Angler-designed especially for fishing fanatics. It covers your fishing boat and gear.
  • Liability PLUS– covers just what it says. This liability coverage is the lowest cost policy available. It does not include coverage for your hull. 
  • PWC– this policy specifically covers those people who want to have fun with their PWC. Now you even have coverage for your Jet Ski.
  • Diminishing Deductibles– this program is available for all of the above listed policies. If you go a year without a claim, your deductible will be lowered by 25%. This discount continues year after year, bringing your deductible down.

Floridainsurancequotes.net offers free quotes on line, salvage assistance, 24/7 claims and dispatch assistance, as well as uninsured boater protection and liability for dock contracts. There site is easy to navigate and will answer most, if not all of your questions.


Progressive covers boats just like cars, homes, motorcycles, and even pets. They offer a variety of policies to meet your needs. Whether you have a small craft, yacht, or jet-ski, Progressive has a plan for you. You can easily visit their online site and get a quote for your personalized policy. In addition, when you sign up online, they will even send you a printable insurance card for proof of coverage. Progressive boasts that they cover over a million watercraft. The size of their company comes with a sizeable reputation. Their policies offer roadside assistance, on-water towing, and total loss replacement. They cover personal watercraft, jet boats, sail boats, fishing boats and even house boats. With competitive rates, they are worth a look. 


GEICO finishes out our list with a lot of benefits of their own. When you sign onto their site geico.com you will be greeted by the Gecko. He will guide you through all of your boat insurance questions. GEICO also offers an array of policies for both your boat and your personal watercraft. You can also get quotes online. GEICO adds to their attractiveness by offering a variety of discounts on your policies. You can get discounts for having a clean driving record, multiple policies (car and boat, etc.), if you only use your boat on inland waters, and even if you have passed a boater safety course.  They are really worth a glance on your search for boat insurance. 

Take the time to know your options. That way you can make a better, more informed decision on your investment. 

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